Composition in Photography Cover




Workshop Fee

₹1999  ₹499/-

With our latest phones and accelerating technological advancements, everyone is a photographer, but how many of us are skilled is the question? With increasing content consumption there is a dire need for one to stand apart from the crowd and one aspect of photography is composition.

The participants will be trained in framing, rules of composition, how to use lines and shapes and work with perspective and symmetry. They will also learn changing focal length and using different camera positions to capture the soul of the picture. The participants will understand the use of black and white Vs colour to create pictures that tell a story.

The 3-day weekend evening workshop over 2 hours on the first day and 3 hours on the latter two days will have lots of exercises and feed back on the photographs taken. They will be able to discern the difference between looking and seeing.


  • Practice exercises
  • Live online lectures
  • Peer to peer feedbacks
  • Personal attention by Faculty

At the end of the workshop, participants will have enhanced composition skills which will be reflected in every photograph they shoot.


12th, 13th and 14th February 2021


Friday     :  5pm to 7pm

Saturday :  5pm to 8pm

Sunday   :  5pm to 8pm

Aslam Saiyad


Aslam Saiyad alias ‘Bombay Ka Shana’ is an independent photographer. He learned photography from J. J. Institute of Applied Arts. Since the last 4 years Aslam has been documenting rivers of Mumbai and people living along it under the ‘Mumbai Rivers Photo Project’. In 2011, he worked on ‘Kashmir Railways’ – a documentary for National Geographic. He has launched more than 25 street exhibitions and has undertaken assignments for Indian Railways, Mahindra, General Insurance, Apnalaya and Save the Children.