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An initiative of KC College, HSNC University, Mumbai and SHIFT FOCUS



An intensive course specially designed for understanding and appreciating Cinema both as an Art form and a Storytelling medium.

Saturdays and Sundays

11 am - 1 pm & 5pm - 7pm IST

Course Fee:

Indian Nationals** Others Offer Period
Early Bird Offer 1 ₹11,999 $484 till 10th July 2021
Early Bird Offer ₹13,499 $544 11th July - 24th July
Course Fee ₹14,999 $605 25th July - 12th August
** Fee inclusive of GST

Application Fee: ₹500/-

  • Exposure to world classics that have impacted the way films are made and seen
  • Understanding the basics of mise-en-scene to express the art of Cinema
  • How the tools of filmmaking are used to tell compelling, thought-provoking stories
  • Discovering the language of Cinema through the said and unsaid communication
  • Learning to read the subtext and unconceal the layers of the narratives in the different genres
  • Major movements in Cinema that impacted filmmaking world over
  • Cinema as a medium to express the art of a filmmaker as an auteur
  • Discussion on gender sensitive issues
  • How women are perceived in society and their portrayal in cinema
  • Insights and new perspectives of life through the films seen
  • Understanding human behavior through an intellectual or emotional journey
  • More than 25 films specially curated for the course
Medium of Learning

The medium of instruction will be Hindi & English 

Application Process

Candidates desirous of seeking admissions should apply online on along with the application fee of 500/-

Selection Process

Selection will be based on the scrutiny of the application forms. Only those who are 18 years and above as on July 17th 2021 are eligible to apply for the course. Selected candidates will be notified about their selection through an email.


This is an Online Course and will be conducted via Zoom.

  1. Please note that the course is rigorous.
  2. Though the class time online is 4 hours you will need to have sometime offline as well. Offline time: minimum 2-3 hours to watch films & documentaries.
  3. Please ensure you have a laptop that works efficiently with a steady camera and working microphone.
  4. Please make sure you have good internet connection / Wi-Fi connectivity and minimum 10 Mbps speed, minimum 6 GB internet pack per day.


A critically acclaimed award-winning filmmaker, Arunaraje is a writer, editor, director and producer. Winner of 5 National Awards. She passed out of the Film Institute of India with a gold medal and was the first trained girl technician to come out of the Institute and the first woman technician in the film industry. Actively involved in film education, she has been a part of decision-making bodies and teaching the subjects of Screenwriting, Direction, Editing & Production in many film schools including Film & Television Institute of India, Pune and Whistling Woods International Film School, heading the Academics as Vice-President, as well as the Direction department in the past.