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A practical hands-on one on one mentoring writing course, designed to provide both theory and practice under the guidance of the Course Director and her Associate.

10 weekends | 100 hours (Sat & Sun)

10:30am - 1pm, 4pm - 6.30pm (IST)

Course Fee:

Indian Nationals - ₹49,000 ₹32,000
₹27,119 + ₹4,881 GST
Others - $1770 $1071

Application Fee: ₹100/-


Students will begin their journey of developing themselves to write for the screen from generating diverse ideas to writing a formatted screenplay.

Participants will

  1. Learn the basics of storytelling, drama and characterization
  2. Understand the concepts of plots, sub-plots, characters and conflicts
  3. Understand the basics of subtext and semiotics
  4. Begin to understand the language of cinema through analysis of specially curated short and long films
  5. Practice using screenwriting softwares to write in standard international formats.

Creating imagery and emotion through visuals and sound is a critical part of the teaching. Participants will have additional inputs on human behaviour, communication, integrity and professionalism. Other topics will include developing observational skills, people skills and research skills. The participants will do a mini-research project of discovering a new location and interviewing a stranger. They will also have inputs on the functioning of the film industry.

Over the Course students will have written

  1. One-page short story
  2. Premise and logline of a film
  3. Synopsis of a film
  4. A scene with dialogues
  5. A detailed character sketch
  6. Break-down of a story into scenes
  7. A short fiction film of 5 mins
  8. A detailed screenplay of Premchand’s ‘Kafan’ (The Shroud).

The submitted work will be evaluated by the Course Director/s and the best works shared with the rest of the class.

Certificate of Participation will be given only to those students who will complete the course with 90% attendance and complete all assignments.


This is an Online Course and will be conducted via Google Classroom and Google Meet

  1. Please note that the course is rigorous and you will need to write extensively.
  2. Though the class time online is 5 hours you will need to have sometime offline as well. Offline time: minimum 2-3 hours daily to write or watch a film.
  3. Please ensure you have a laptop that works efficiently.
  4. Please make sure you have good internet connection / Wi-Fi connectivity and minimum 12 Mbps speed, minimum 8 GB internet pack per day.




A critically acclaimed award-winning filmmaker, Arunaraje is a writer, editor, director and producer. Winner of 5 National Awards. She passed out of the Film Institute of India with a gold medal and was the first trained girl technician to come out of the Institute and the first woman technician in the film industry. Actively involved in film education, she has been a part of decision-making bodies and teaching the subjects of Screenwriting, Direction, Editing & Production in many film schools including Film & Television Institute of India, Pune and Whistling Woods International Film School, heading the Academics as Vice-President, as well as the Direction department in the past.