Her television work includes Bhakri ani Phool and Shaadi Ya ____. She has also edited films like Giddh and Masoom. Many of her films have strong women themes and she has represented women in many forums. She has been passionate about empowering women and men too to create a new equation of gender equality where they can live harmoniously, their relationships based on mutual love and respect. She has worked with commercial sex workers in the red light area, writing about their life in verse form as ‘Red-light Verses’.

Actively involved in film education, she has been a part of decision-making bodies and teaching the subjects of Screenwriting, Direction, Editing & Production in many film schools including Film & Television Institute of India, Pune and Whistling Woods International Film School, heading the Academics as Vice-President, as well as the Direction department in the past. She has been a strong voice for documentaries and has headed the Indian Documentary Producers association as President, twice.

She has won 5 National awards for her documentaries, ‘Mallika Sarabhai’, ‘A New Paradigm’ and ‘Behind the Glass Wall’ the latter two which were about children with special needs. She has also got many state awards and has served on many juries including the National Film Awards, Filmfare and Screen. Her films have been showcased in festivals in Australia, France and Spain. Her documentaries have won some awards in the United States too. She has represented India in many international conferences. A keen traveller she has travelled not only all over India but many parts of the world having been a regular visitor to the United States and Europe particularly to Germany and Paris.

As a keen student and practitioner of ontology she has been involved in transformational work since 1997. She has been a Landmark Forum Leader and has led transformational programs for more than 50,000 people, also making a difference as a life coach and motivational speaker. Apart from writing her own scripts, she has written several articles which have been published. Her autobiography called FREEDOM – My story published by Harper Collins was released in 2017.

Arunaraje at Ruia with MAVA


  1. 1969-FTII

    Graduation FTII

    Graduated with a Diploma In Cinema with a Gold Medal in EDITING from the FILM & TELEVISION INSTITUTE OF INDIA, PUNE in 1969 . Was the first trained girl technician to enter the Indian Film Industry.

  2. Vamsha Vriksha

    Karnataka State Award

    Received Karnataka State Film Award for Best Editing for the Kannada movie Vamsha Vriksha. Co-edited with Vikas Desai, the movie was directed by B.V. Karanth and Girish Karnad.

  3. “Shaque”

    Shaque is a Hindi movie directed by Arunaraje & Vikas Desai featuring Vinod Khanna, Shabana Azmi.

    The title comes from a weak moment in the life of Meena (Shabana) when she suspects her husband upon receiving a letter from one Maan Singh (Dutt). The letter, portraying her husband as a murderer, rocks Meena’s life. For husband Vinod Joshi (Khanna) the behavioural changes in Meena sound a warning. Her suspicion of living with a ‘killer’ spirals into a state that puts Joshi’s integrity under scrutiny.

  4. “Gehrayee”

    Gehrayee is a Hindi movie directed by Arunaraje & Vikas Desai featuring Padmini Kolhapure, Anant Nag, Sriram Lagoo and Indrani Mukherjee with Amrish Puri in a guest appearance.

    Chennabassapa decides to sell a plantation to be able to build a house for his family, which does not sit well with the caretaker. Soon after, Chennabassapa's daughter, Uma, starts acting strange.

  5. "Situm"

    Situm is a Hindi movie directed by Arunaraje & Vikas Desai featuring Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah and Vikram Makandar.

    Drama involving two football players. Subhash is injured during a football match and suffers an untimely death. Subhash's wife Meenakshi holds Inder (who delivered the fatal kick) responsible. Unable to handle the guilt, Inder becomes a mental wreck. Inder's boss Mr. Bakshi persuades Meenakshi to forgive Inder and help him out of his depression.

  6. Masoom - Editing

    Co-edited Masoom, Shekar Kapur’s directorial debut starring Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi in lead roles.

  7. "Rihaee"

    Rihaee is a Hindi movie directed by Aruna Raje featuring Hema Malini, Vinod Khanna and Naseeruddin Shah as lead characters.

    First solo feature by Arunaraje whose previous films were co-directed with Vikas Desai and signed jointly as Aruna-Vikas. It is set in a Rajasthan village where the men migrate to Bombay to seek work. The film dealt with the promiscuity of male migrant workers to urban India, and also the sexuality of women, left behind in the rural regions. Hema Malini received a nomination for the Filmfare Best Actress Award for her role in the film.

  8. India Delegate

    Represented India as Delegate at the World Conference Of Women Audio-Visual Workers held at East Berlin in 1989 and presented a paper on ‘WOMEN & MEDIA’.

    Also represented India in a delegation of Cine Trade Workers in October 1999 at the MEI Congress in Berlin.

  9. Lectured at Northwestern University

    Lectured at Northwestern University, Chicago in 1990.

    Arunaraje has been teaching for more than two decades. Has conducted several workshops at FTII, Pune and at SRFTII in Kolkata. Has been teaching Film at Sophia Polytechnic & Xavier Institute of Mass Communication at Mumbai and conducted many workshops on Filmmaking.

  10. PatitaPavanaPatitaPavani

    "Patita Pavana & Patita Pavani"

    Patita Pavani is a Kannada movie directed by Arunaraje featuring Sukanya Kulkarni, Sudhir Dalvi.

  11. Karnataka Rajyotsava Award

    Received Karnataka State Rajyotsava GOLD MEDAL for Contribution To Cinema from Minister K.H. Patil in 1992.

  12. Television Serial Shaadi Ya ___

    Has made much-acclaimed Television Serials -
    ‘BHAKRI ANI PHOOL’ - Marathi for DD and ‘SHAADI YA ...?’ a 27- episode serial on the institution of marriage in Hindi for ZEE TV.
    In 1993 she also wrote ‘RED-LIGHT VERSES’ - the plight of women & children in the red-light area in verse.

  13. IDPA 1994

    President IDPA

    Was President of Indian Documentary Producers’ Association from 1994 -1997 & 1999 – 2001- the largest body of documentary & short filmmakers in India.

  14. "Bhairavi"

    Bhairavi is a Hindi movie directed by Arunaraje featuring Ashwini Bhave, Sridhar and Manohar Singh.

    Ragini is visually impaired but a talented woman with a golden voice. After the death of her parents, she is left to fend for herself, until Rajan Swamy enters and changes her life.

  15. Paper Presentation

    Presented a paper on ‘ROLE of WOMEN in the FILM & TELEVISION INDUSTRY’ at an International Conference of Cine Workers held in Hyderabad in 1998.

  16. Keh Do Na

    90 minute Telefilm for Metro Channel Nine Gold (Director’s Cut).

  17. National Award

    Received the National Award for documentary - ‘Mallika Sarabhai’ in 2000 – Best Biographical Film. Was felicitated by then Indian President K.R. Narayanan. The documentary was shown at Dresden Festival in 2000.

  18. 2002-APJ

    National Award

    Won 2 National Awards for the documentary ‘A New Paradigm’ – Best Film on Social Issues. Received the National Award from then Indian President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam.

  19. "Tum"

    Tum is a Hindi movie directed by Arunaraje featuring Manisha Koirala, Rajat Kapoor and Karann Nathh.

    Kamini craves for affection from her husband, who has no time for her. Her life changes when Jatin, a photographer, befriends her and later becomes obsessed with her.

  20. Consultant & H.O.D Whistling Woods International

    Was Consultant for Syllabus & Faculty, 2002 – 2005, with Whistling Woods International, a film school founded by Mr. Subhash Ghai in Film City, Mumbai.

    In 2006 & 2007 she was the Was Vice President, Academic Affairs at Whistling Woods. Has designed the curriculum, syllabus & schedules and trained faculty. Was also Head of Direction Department and taught Direction - 2006 & 2007.

  21. MIFF

    Chairperson, Selection

    Was Chairperson of Selection Committee for MIFF 2006 and 2014, Mumbai International Film Festival for documentaries, animation & short fiction.

  22. Landmark Forum Leader

    In 2009 Arunaraje trained to be a landmark Forum Leader and joined Landmark Education full time. After leading to over 10,000 people over 3 years she left to resume filmmaking again.

  23. Chairperson, Film Jury

    Was Chairperson for Short & Non Feature Films Jury for 60th National Film Awards 2012.

  24. Member of Jury, Kashish Film Festival

    Was Member of the Jury for the 4th LGBT – Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 2013, along with Simone Singh, Quasar Padamsee, Jerry Pinto and Berwyn Rowlands.

  25. 2014-PranabMukherjee

    National Award

    Won 2 National Awards for ‘Behind the Glass Wall’ documentary – Best Educational Film. Felicitated by then Indian President Pranab Mukherjee. Also won 3 International Awards in 2015 – Honorable Mention : The San Francisco Film Awards ; Accolade Global Film Competition ; The Indie Film Festival.

  26. Member of Jury

    Was member of the Jury for National Science Film Festival headed by Shyam Benegal 2016.

  27. Freedom Book The Journey

    Freedom - My Story

    Authored a semi-autobiography FREEDOM – My Story. The chronicle of a radical thinker and film-maker in a male-dominated world, her struggles, her inspirations, the prejudices she had to deal with and, ultimately, the freedom her art offered.

  28. 2018-FirstLadyAward

    First Lady Award

    Received the FIRST LADY AWARD from Government of India - Ministry of Women & Child Development and was felicitated by then President Ram Nath Kovind.

  29. "Firebrand"

    A Marathi movie directed by Arunaraje starring Usha Jadhav, Girish Kulkarni, Rajeshwari Sachdev and Sachin Khedekar.

    Firebrand is a contemporary story of self-discovery and catharsis. A successful lawyer represents female clients in complicated divorce cases, but her wounds after a sexual assault cause problems in her own marriage.